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Portumna Castle

Portumna Castle

Co. Galway

A semi-fortified house (1618) built by the 4th Earl of Clanricarde, Richard de Burgo.

Conservation work is ongoing.

Exhibitions open on the ground floor of the castle and in the Gate House.

Other attractions include the recently restored 17th Century walled kitched garden.

Portumna Castle was the main seat of the de Burgo family for over 200 years, until it was gutted by fire in 1826.
The ground floor of the house is now open to the public. To the north of the house are formal, geometrically laid out gardens. Exhibitions in the castle and Gate House. (Conservation works are ongoing.)
Portumna Castle now includes the recently restored 17th century walled kitchen garden. Following its original plan the garden has been organically planted with fruit trees, flowers, herbs and vegetables, all combining to make it a treat to the senses.

Portumna Castle is surrounded by the towns' local attractions - Lough Derg and the Forest Park.

Limited access for visitors with disabilities to gardens and Gate House.

Opening Times

25th March - Mid April Open Daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Mid April to October Open Daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Contact Details

Tel : 09097 41658
Fax : 09097 41889
Web : www.heritageireland.ie
Email : portumnacastle@opw.ie